Beauty is right

″Walk”, it's a simple word and action.
But ,″Walking”, it's a philosophy for me.

To live elegantly is also a philosophy.
The act of walking is an expression of this philosophy.

For example, we are not elegant,
 if the sole of the shoe is visible from the front.
If I can replace it with a Christian Louboutin heels,
 this is when the red sole is visible.

These red soles are amazing when we can see them
 from behind, but not from the front. This is not only about
 high-heels but also about our clothes.

 I care about when I take my coat off,
 I try to not see the lining of a coat. The reason why is
 that it is not beautiful. It is so beautiful that you don't even
 think about it, and you don't have to dare to show it.

I would talk again about high-heels,
 if you land your foot on the ground from your heel,
 it is visible from the front. My technique is that I can land
 my foot on the ground from the toe.

The reason for this is both human anatomy and beauty.

Beauty is right.
And beauty is based on health.



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