10cm VS 12cm

I feel something strange about my legs.
 Even though the heat wave is over,
I still have swollen legs.

Actually, our bodies get swollen, as the temperature rises.
Even if symptoms can be alleviated, we can't avoid
 this phenomenon. So I recommend that you ought to
 walk in high-heels daily.

But in my case, why do I have swollen legs?
I was thinking about it for a few days...
And I finally found an answer. It was the height of heels
when I walked them outside.

Usually I go out with 12cm heels of Christian Louboutin,
but I had walked in 10cm heels of red sole outside to
 repair heels cushions during seven days. As I was walking
 outside in 12cm heels after a long time, I recognized
 that I didn't use my muscles as much as possible.

 That's why my legs got swollen. Maybe many people
 wouldn't believe the difference of just two centimetres.
 But it is true. Differences in height are not detrimental
 to health. It will lead our body to health.

Of course, we need to develop our muscles
 to walk in high-heels correctly, there are only benefits,
such as good posture and developing our beauty etc.

I hope that you live with your high-heels under the sun.


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